shutting down

my eye twitches, it’s always the left and I wonder why I’m the one that’s left I give every ounce of my heart into matters with you struggling to identify my own virtues shattered rules flattered ruse you say I’m pure so did the same one say before and before and I wonder why you […]

king and crown

fingertips to your pulse healing hands sheltering shading shuttering you from their radar waves too pure a man to be trapped by their demon trait ways too late for them to make you stay demonstrate you’re straight your words stick like razor blades shotgun click bait trigger happy shifting blame don’t let them pressure your […]


our inferno burns our art a discernible fire visible from the start we say the same words arranged in different ways because we’re mirror reflections of our wounded hearts there are endless ways we can assemble waves without our seams falling apart double stitched trouble ditched even sun beams couldn’t tear us apart

the verdict

Hold up hold tight heyo ‘lo bright hold tight That gold heyo That soul don’t grow It flows heyo That light it fights Your life heyo Hold tight halo Be all right now, We’re starting out, home. Don’t let the stars, fool your intelligence trapping you in elegance, benevolent malevolence molesting severance, majestic prevalence, faked […]