I lower my gaze, expectations fall. I see the floor, locked inside concrete stalls. Fading out flowers from bare empty walls, phasing out the masses, I’m being cleansed with, blessings and waterfalls. Shunning the haters, and the raters, running now instead of crawling first. Gunning for fakers, and the rapers, I can’t mistake the picture […]


You’re my smile in the seventh heaven, My ascension in the highest sea, I promise you this forever; I will love you endlessly

one day

darling, your heart will spill into your soul; it will then guard your spirit; and love will conquer all.

Blurred Portals

Heartsickles melt into rainbow spectrum streams.  Seeing him with a halo is everything but real. It’s a dream. Autumn leaves.  Strength isn’t what it seems, or needs to be. What does it mean? His name in the wind calls to me sleep, semi lucid, I lie here wondering about the texture of his skin. I […]


It’s personal, universal, my verses versus hers, conversing in hurting, singing stings into chords, striking accords with your guitar strings called, all these shattered hearts and broken hymns of sorts, in and out of courts, of course, he’s my spoken word thoughts. He sees me, I see him. This journey fills with beats, rhythms. Witness […]