we let them bully us with ripped deeds, a riot with bullets; witness the greed separating us with distance, when we should be joined in need, comrades take arms now: because for liberty we’ll bleed, god bless the sacred seeds who make it free.

you sing to me

[they’re] stalling shots for renegades, mostly assembling, surrendering their game molesting our faith, tasting numbness, it’s effectively rape, they’re culling clues, leaving us dazed. [I’m] calling lost in membranes, almost trembling, remembering your name defending your fate, safety in numbers, rejecting shame we’re collecting fortune, shaking off blame. I’m coming, armed with angel grace.

Deciphering Disciples

Malignant autonomy blatantly blasts-for-me tolerably, trying to live honourably, they label me a vagrant inclination, an unfavourable situation, breathing clashes, catastrophes, living classes through static contrasting philanthropy, fascist emancipatriotic philosophy, tragic semantic melancholy, patience is fluid enough for brewing austerity. It’s solicited, meticulous part of the plan tomfoolery, contracting diseasing; absent apostrophes, permission to own […]


Politicians are deceptive, beleaguered and senseless… oncoming dementia, assessing misadventure, emerging dimensions, verging suspensions supposed equilibrium, defibrillating milleniums, each foreign forum, ignoring decorum, exponentially increasing, now there’s more of them… slave to their ways: this critical acclaim, political claim exclaims freedom from strain, a means to an end, all this time is spent, proverbial advents […]

another Sunday morning

Why do I write? Nothing will change. I’m still sitting here re-arranging deranged sayings, displaying inner sanctuaries within an invisible centre stage. Indivisible rage. My political stance versus their invidious slants. Insidious chance for me to vent and rant. A window for you to see with whom I’m accustomed to bant, er. It’s just a […]

Son of a King

Does Man really know what heart is? Fury over logic, bliss it’s a trip, they’ve got you trapped into facts lacking intelligent contemplatives. Stained teeth exploding wisdom splitting up a united kingdom for a par with the queen’s head, nations built on blood spill matter of fact over kill, wash it down with mulled wine […]

trial. and, error:

Living is filled with trials and tribulations They, make you believe it’s about celebrity assimilation v for vendetta we used to be a nation divided by dissemination incredible stimulation generic prolific creation communication damnation cremating equal rights segregation strength distributing wealth amalgamations resulting in unfreed seeds begging for, .salvation