it was a dreamy memean extreme seize the scenecontradiction of lean leadsincantations and prayer beadsdistant whispers in keen tweetshearty sleeves, empty deedsalice in repeat, malice in these streets,a mean feat in sleepy keepsfeed and seek these fleas on fleek.Creep, repeat, delete, leave.Different colour skins.Freeze.What, son?No, it was Sherlock.Again.


Visionless division comes at both sides, blindsighted eyes tying off crimes, commander in chief and fighter pilots flying, high into oblivion: glorified dying, messes disbanded into distant times, fragmented meandering and persistent lies, David and Goliath ride off into the night.

as if I haven’t seen it already

You’re no longer relevant. Fight to survive. Trying to scale heights. Just to stay alive. Licking eyes. Smoothing lines. Stepping out of line. Sending out lines. My lines. Nothing but honesty right. No lies. Listen while you cry. Hold you while you die. Souls align. Brought breath to. Gratitude. To all, except the few. Warrior […]

One Minute Monetary Man

You only love me when there’s nobody else to love You only need me when there’s something you can get out of it love You don’t get to tease me and think it’s OK to leave me love You don’t get to choose placing an importance on me love. I’m not secondary. I’m further, aim […]


On pristine sands of palm tree lined, ocean tides, we let you roll in. You bowled out with our lives. You use our heritage as gimmick, selling my culture back to me, replacing my roots, with white noise philosophy. You latch on to our art, and everyone who identifies, like a coup to erase my […]

ring finger

Love? I am love like this shit doesn’t concern me all these idols you worship I curse all your foolery building your war ships divorcing your jewellery immortal debauchery I’m mortal I’ll save me but you’re tempting to attempt to take that away from me as if guilding me portals will fulfil the best of […]


I lower my gaze, expectations fall. I see the floor, locked inside concrete stalls. Fading out flowers from bare empty walls, phasing out the masses, I’m being cleansed with, blessings and waterfalls. Shunning the haters, and the raters, running now instead of crawling first. Gunning for fakers, and the rapers, I can’t mistake the picture […]