articles of youth

Honeyed notes sparkling in summer dew,Disconnected from all that you knew,Rekindling, refreshing, renewed,Rays of sunlight, trickling throughinvisible glittering particles, of iridescent truth.


You look familiar, My rekindled flame, Smiling eyes appear, Spirits the same. Wandering heart, You’re everything you claim, A work of art, In God’s name.


our inferno burns our art a discernible fire visible from the start we say the same words arranged in different ways because we’re mirror reflections of our wounded hearts there are endless ways we can assemble waves without our seams falling apart double stitched trouble ditched even sun beams couldn’t tear us apart


held on for so long breaking souls up with the same song looking for sanctuary a place to belong somewhere right instead of wrong to live in truth to be strong to keep curves from harm warrior child you can not be extinguished you have a distinguished spirit and though you don’t know it you […]


you’re my lifeline at times when I feel my divine decline you’re my refinement defining me a sublime line siding with alignment not lying with confinement and where smiles are entrapments you’re my encouraging climate helping me climb caged walls of consignments you’re my deliverance from defiant tyrants your highness in private is a timeless […]


I’m past that stage, last that rage, had me trapped, in a cage, for too long. So fast for that age, that page burns maimed, ripped it out, for an unheard, song. Tamed under, an underhanded wrong, as if the wrist of fate. Was too fucking strong, sinking with the current, thinking I didn’t belong. […]

all i owe

And you take me to a place that nobody can see, nobody will know it’s even real. This space that exists between you and me, isn’t space at all, it’s just a way of being free. Your eyes they shine, gleaming goodness in the dark, and towards the sky, old souls make way for our […]