as if I haven’t seen it already

You’re no longer relevant. Fight to survive. Trying to scale heights. Just to stay alive. Licking eyes. Smoothing lines. Stepping out of line. Sending out lines. My lines. Nothing but honesty right. No lies. Listen while you cry. Hold you while you die. Souls align. Brought breath to. Gratitude. To all, except the few. Warrior […]

the plot that god forgot

O Ummah, fatwa on sunnah when muslims can’t agree sufi, shia and sunni me, me, me, wahabi, salafi, hanafi, hanbali, maliki, shafii, barelvi, deobandi bektashi, chishti, mawlawi, nistari, musta’li, tayyibi, jafri, alawi, alevi, akbari, usuli, shaykhi: an eye for an eye, And the ones that don’t rhyme. I am the hymn of me I pray […]

eating my zombie heart out

All the questions all the answers who has them only some of them whip them into being another of them another morgue another fraud another corpse lying dead on the sofa mixed up licked enough clicked stuff two hundred degrees celsius baking on the balcony on the trampoline dancing the mashed potato symphony head in […]

antique bronze and me

tip it, fix it, we want the truth ennit, flip it, sick it, trapped in a coup in it, lick it, fit it, we’re the many not the few but, stick it, flick it, deleting politics redoing hit lists, milkin’ it, killin’ it, switchin’ up to clickin’ it, slick it, wicket, bowled by whippet snippets, allow it, admit it, you’re sick of it, standing for it, nobody’s listening to it, what is it, what time is it, ticking […]

forty veils

mindful fiqh strawberries, cream tea’d biscuit, dream see your feet, handful of schemes missed the – picture. negative, conjecture spectre when you lecture haunting my scene hunting my deen; subjunctive mood. hate goodbyes to a man on stranger tides.

Chapter 5: In Place of A Conclusion

“The fools among the people Will say: “What hath turned Them from the Qiblah (1) to wish They were used?” Say: To Allah belong East and West: He guideth whom He will To a Way that is straight.” (2:142) “As long as we possess the body, and our soul is contaminated by such an evil, […]