moving on

​You’ve got me inside your skin. An angelic hymn. Something you’ve always thought, wasn’t even him. Chances were slim, compressing. Destined mentions. Long windows of time. Blurred vision, double lines. I remember your face behind the curtains, blue as an inky sky. Faded starry nights, trying to find your self in deluded plans. And you […]


​never seem to really be able to let you go maybe it’s time I do no more maybe it’s time I cut sensations shivers to the bone sever connections spirit made of stone you don’t want to hurt me but I’m feeling your absence sense it every day I’m losing my balance how much more […]

illusions of grandeur 

You lacquer me with love, like it will lock me down. A lacklustre heaviness, once heavenly profound. An evenly based layer, compunction allowed. Seeds sowed with promises, in all our nine clouds. You invest time in things, that don’t even exist in, a life, you’re trying to make peace with, filled with, mediocre mediums, you’re […]

shutting down

my eye twitches, it’s always the left and I wonder why I’m the one that’s left I give every ounce of my heart into matters with you struggling to identify my own virtues shattered rules flattered ruse you say I’m pure so did the same one say before and before and I wonder why you […]

vinyl cycles

No longer spending my light on you, I’m not fighting for you to gripe and cry when I hand you a lifeline I keep handing you lifelines how many lifetimes do you think I’ll let pass by annihilating every why and bye bye and by the by, I know your lies before you even look […]

stealing summer

You’re so generic. Egocentric. Fraternising with Miss Electric, under the cover of a dark storm. Your sunshine forms, she warms your skin, you let her close, she shelters your soul. In seconds, infinite caresses, absorbing her spirit you let her undress ya. Her energy favours you like you’ve always felt her, you melt up on […]

Letting Go

You think you’re all in when in fact you’re all out, let me close to your soul and then it’s all doubt, pernicious cycles of falling in love, and falling without, a safety house, matching sounds of cat and mouse, chasing tail then holding out, wondering whether messages the universe transmits holds any clout, I […]