You look familiar, My rekindled flame, Smiling eyes appear, Spirits the same. Wandering heart, You’re everything you claim, A work of art, In God’s name.

as if I haven’t seen it already

You’re no longer relevant. Fight to survive. Trying to scale heights. Just to stay alive. Licking eyes. Smoothing lines. Stepping out of line. Sending out lines. My lines. Nothing but honesty right. No lies. Listen while you cry. Hold you while you die. Souls align. Brought breath to. Gratitude. To all, except the few. Warrior […]


​I used to rose petal you with poetry Peachy words filled with love and integrity Pepper your edges with perfect pieces of personality Originality, hallowed protection and civility; Regardless of how much I selflessly give I am an essence you no longer wish to receive; A purity diluted with fluted belief It revolves around you […]

moving on

​You’ve got me inside your skin. An angelic hymn. Something you’ve always thought, wasn’t even him. Chances were slim, compressing. Destined mentions. Long windows of time. Blurred vision, double lines. I remember your face behind the curtains, blue as an inky sky. Faded starry nights, trying to find your self in deluded plans. And you […]


I lower my gaze, expectations fall. I see the floor, locked inside concrete stalls. Fading out flowers from bare empty walls, phasing out the masses, I’m being cleansed with, blessings and waterfalls. Shunning the haters, and the raters, running now instead of crawling first. Gunning for fakers, and the rapers, I can’t mistake the picture […]

all i owe

And you take me to a place that nobody can see, nobody will know it’s even real. This space that exists between you and me, isn’t space at all, it’s just a way of being free. Your eyes they shine, gleaming goodness in the dark, and towards the sky, old souls make way for our […]