held on for so long breaking souls up with the same song looking for sanctuary a place to belong somewhere right instead of wrong to live in truth to be strong to keep curves from harm warrior child you can not be extinguished you have a distinguished spirit and though you don’t know it you […]

vinyl cycles

No longer spending my light on you, I’m not fighting for you to gripe and cry when I hand you a lifeline I keep handing you lifelines how many lifetimes do you think I’ll let pass by annihilating every why and bye bye and by the by, I know your lies before you even look […]

You’re not her; transplant

it’s that transparent you’re blind calling it fake you stand there denying everything cat with the whiskers fuck your cake crying wolf in the field playing ladders and snakes innocence in nursery rhymes replaced to ground zero fade congealed pouring in vessels but it’s okay as long as you get laid am I not enough […]

all i owe

And you take me to a place that nobody can see, nobody will know it’s even real. This space that exists between you and me, isn’t space at all, it’s just a way of being free. Your eyes they shine, gleaming goodness in the dark, and towards the sky, old souls make way for our […]


we let them bully us with ripped deeds, a riot with bullets; witness the greed separating us with distance, when we should be joined in need, comrades take arms now: because for liberty we’ll bleed, god bless the sacred seeds who make it free.