it was a dreamy memean extreme seize the scenecontradiction of lean leadsincantations and prayer beadsdistant whispers in keen tweetshearty sleeves, empty deedsalice in repeat, malice in these streets,a mean feat in sleepy keepsfeed and seek these fleas on fleek.Creep, repeat, delete, leave.Different colour skins.Freeze.What, son?No, it was Sherlock.Again.


Visionless division comes at both sides, blindsighted eyes tying off crimes, commander in chief and fighter pilots flying, high into oblivion: glorified dying, messes disbanded into distant times, fragmented meandering and persistent lies, David and Goliath ride off into the night.


I read phosphenes like a teller reads tea leaves, spinning inside eyelids, and motion daydreams. Colliding. Spilling atoms into third eye play schemes. A kaleidoscope. Rainbow footprints. Cloaks and daggers. Truth in spirit sittings. Hard to breathe, let alone swallow. Memories ever. Green. Blue skies are hollow. My eyes well. Thinking about seasides. Seashells. Ocean […]