I lower my gaze, expectations fall. I see the floor, locked inside concrete stalls. Fading out flowers from bare empty walls, phasing out the masses, I’m being cleansed with, blessings and waterfalls. Shunning the haters, and the raters, running now instead of crawling first. Gunning for fakers, and the rapers, I can’t mistake the picture […]

sangoma bones

Mantras: the world is mine. Masters at illusion, diluting confusion, it’s a mine, field. Divine lines, taking lives. Divided sides, making up, dyed timelines. Watching from the sidelines, a life declined, inclined to fight, time. Cutting live, wires until life is, bite sized, a right to byte, I say goodbye. A sight for sore, bedsides. […]


No, I told him. I don’t need your help getting home. It’s a cold snowing night, the bitter wind gushes against my flake studded face, slush covers the pavement like used cotton wool. He’d pulled up in a silver Audi estate, the four rings gleaming for each of the years we were together. He smiles […]

another Sunday morning

Why do I write? Nothing will change. I’m still sitting here re-arranging deranged sayings, displaying inner sanctuaries within an invisible centre stage. Indivisible rage. My political stance versus their invidious slants. Insidious chance for me to vent and rant. A window for you to see with whom I’m accustomed to bant, er. It’s just a […]

Son of a King

Does Man really know what heart is? Fury over logic, bliss it’s a trip, they’ve got you trapped into facts lacking intelligent contemplatives. Stained teeth exploding wisdom splitting up a united kingdom for a par with the queen’s head, nations built on blood spill matter of fact over kill, wash it down with mulled wine […]

i know what i’m doing…

Sitting on the veranda, the blistering heat seeps through even the wooden slats above me and the breeze ruffles through my curls, well, not really but my imagination is positively more impressive than reality. I pretend every atom of life is following a pre-cursed, sorry, -ordained, plan or at least the plan constructed from mint […]

Plain Sailing

Statue of liberty: stoning for unity, signatory for democracy is a signature to irony, treble and basic idiosyncracies, trouble and base parliamenteries, international inter bank indemnities, split personalities, presidential precedence, campaigns filled with eloquence, trick you into believing they’re righteously benevolent, it’s a coup, eat up wetted foccacia with cuckoo soup, make yourself a quick […]