Daytrip to Tunis

Eventually I fell asleep at 1:10AM, or rather I forced myself to retire to my purple boudoir and lying between the sheets in defiance, I set my alarm for 3:00AM. Yes. 3:00AM. My HTC quietly reminded me I would have approximately a hundred minutes of sleep. Brilliant. I thought it would be two hours of […]

Let’s Go Skydiving!

My 13,500 ft tandem skydive with The Red Devils raised £1,220.53 for ShelterBox. 60 seconds |  If you have ten hours, the reasons behind the skydive are here: Red-Winged Blackbird THANK YOU TO JAMES FOR FILMING! HUGE THANK YOU TO NATHAN MY INSTRUCTOR FOR BEING AMAZING!

sarcasm: in dating profiles

So I shortened this but I’ve changed my mind, let’s do detail for the physical and mental analysis of the person you are currently and momentarily curious about…but on these things it changes with the blink of an eye right, so these words might be pretty futile. All you really want is a photograph. That’s […]

Gateway to Tunis

I had been asleep in the taxi since 4am, Saturday morning. Whose stupendous idea was it to get a flight this early when I could have been snuggled in my pyjamas in my luscious bed catching a leisurely afternoon flight? Instead, I am sleeping in the taxi wearing a humongous woolly hat complete with giant […]

thunderstorm in my bathroom

Lordy and good heavens, what is one to do? My phone is broken. The screen is steamed up. Let me take a photo…wait, the phone is mashed. It is an amusing story to be fair, well, I think it is anyway. After the lightning flash across the sky, a deafening clap of crackling thunder as […]