Operation Fluffy Slipper

As usual, I turn on the light switch and my bedroom glows instantly. Peace emanates for a millisecond until I realise there is a visitor in my aura. I notice him pretty much immediately as the pink crystal lampshade illuminates the ceiling. Perhaps he is from outer space. He is dark, and has eight legs. […]

Phone Home

It’s the first time I will have ever been away for so long, considering my usual is a day trip to Tunisia: four weeks is mammoth and I’m looking forward to it so much. To find out where life forks, which path to take next? I’m secretly hoping somehow something will happen to fate me […]

[Part 2]: Scene of the Crime

I sit on the bus in despair, drained, confused, dejected.  Clearly, it must have been a pre-meditated and calculated notion, the subject of consternation which worries me further is the amount of detail Pretend-Saiqa and her fellow Pretend-Saiqa-ites might know about me… and how…? I am not a millionaire in the first instance so that […]

[Part 1]: Don’t make me identity fraud you…

It is a December day.  Four days after my birthday and six days after I have been rewarded with my monthly salary.  I am happy.  So much so I changed my Twitter ID to Lady Luck, ahaha.  That’s hindsight.  And that’s ironic.  Anyway.  Back to the account at hand… minding my own business on the […]