Not every one was born to be a star.

And you’re propagating the misfortune of fame as if you are, long term aim for money and game, where’s your sharam, your valiant knight cigarette-smoking shrouded in bare circles of shame disappearing into the cracks of the pave meant nothing where once roses grew, piercing the day for acclaim where nettles sting eyes for blame… […]

trial. and, error:

Living is filled with trials and tribulations They, make you believe it’s about celebrity assimilation v for vendetta we used to be a nation divided by dissemination incredible stimulation generic prolific creation communication damnation cremating equal rights segregation strength distributing wealth amalgamations resulting in unfreed seeds begging for, .salvation


Diffusing the illusion, who are you to question my citizenship, my nationality, when historically, your illicit tactics totals up the sum of your foolhardy tenacity, our nuclear family is the nucleus to the insanity, the world’s in a mess and you’re looking at me sarcastically? Don’t stand there. You can’t harm me. Even if it […]

and then there was one

standing to attention, tender tense and tensioned: objections uncorrected neglecting pretensions, missed affections it’s a mess out there: I have the disinfectant time to clean itself up in here: conjecture suggests your decision’s affected by disaffections: selecting visions: precision collisions between being destitute and decadent, point of reference: sickly cyclical poignantly critical; cynically political clinically […]

act like you know

My oxygen is filled with dreams, all I see is heresy, it’s heresay, working even on the Sabbath day, God is lost to urban ways, it’s us or it’s they, open your eyes, I can see through their schemes, hear their screams, the crescent gazes onwards to a lone star in the distance, and the stripes […]

Your Illusion of Freedom

Money is evil. That is all. Well, let me expand then. There is nothing good about money. It loses value and depletes as soon as it has been accumulated. Let me illustrate. Your monthly salary. Tax, national insurance, student loan, rent (or indeed mortgage if you are so lucky), gas and electricity bills, water rates, […]

blurred words

delineating. analogous. it’s a big fat trick nothing fits mud sticks committing mutiny community adultery singing silent chords mass discord masked fraud house of lords versus our house of pawns shuffling house of cards: it all folds down peas in a pod, that’s called a strait jacket constrained by lame taints sedated bait crawfish staring […]