it was a dreamy memean extreme seize the scenecontradiction of lean leadsincantations and prayer beadsdistant whispers in keen tweetshearty sleeves, empty deedsalice in repeat, malice in these streets,a mean feat in sleepy keepsfeed and seek these fleas on fleek.Creep, repeat, delete, leave.Different colour skins.Freeze.What, son?No, it was Sherlock.Again.


Visionless division comes at both sides, blindsighted eyes tying off crimes, commander in chief and fighter pilots flying, high into oblivion: glorified dying, messes disbanded into distant times, fragmented meandering and persistent lies, David and Goliath ride off into the night.


On pristine sands of palm tree lined, ocean tides, we let you roll in. You bowled out with our lives. You use our heritage as gimmick, selling my culture back to me, replacing my roots, with white noise philosophy. You latch on to our art, and everyone who identifies, like a coup to erase my […]


I lower my gaze, expectations fall. I see the floor, locked inside concrete stalls. Fading out flowers from bare empty walls, phasing out the masses, I’m being cleansed with, blessings and waterfalls. Shunning the haters, and the raters, running now instead of crawling first. Gunning for fakers, and the rapers, I can’t mistake the picture […]


we let them bully us with ripped deeds, a riot with bullets; witness the greed separating us with distance, when we should be joined in need, comrades take arms now: because for liberty we’ll bleed, god bless the sacred seeds who make it free.

morning fix

sections and mentions [sex shuns and men shuns] hunting in every which way direction, demeaning human beings fiendish state of mean making me believe, you’re everything presented to me, cementing twisted schemes: system feeds. breaking fast with tormented dreams, twilight ancillaries lost in consuming deeds, take a ticket, cheated, but the horizon is free, receipts […]

you sing to me

[they’re] stalling shots for renegades, mostly assembling, surrendering their game molesting our faith, tasting numbness, it’s effectively rape, they’re culling clues, leaving us dazed. [I’m] calling lost in membranes, almost trembling, remembering your name defending your fate, safety in numbers, rejecting shame we’re collecting fortune, shaking off blame. I’m coming, armed with angel grace.