brighten each layer, between, connective issues, soothe sayers, with kinetic tissues. bite her lips, make her weak, keep her lifted, in her sleep, sift through dreams, wake her deep, sink her ‘mares, be her leap,      of faith her feelings, are less scared, when his arms, keep her safe, is there any place, she could […]

the last poem

Need your skin on my skin baby it’s your touch I need Your loving gives me fire and it’s your heat which keeps me free Need your fingerprints on my soul baby sink me with your seed Your passion stirs my spirit and it gives me light to breathe Need you to hold me in […]


My angel, in every plane, in whichever dimension, in the lightest light and the darkest dark, you’re my heaven and you don’t even know it, you’re so far away how can I begin to even show it, you’re like a divine kind of mention an energy I’m meant to flow with and if you would […]


Angel for the soul kind, soothing of the mind kind, if I find you, will you be my kind… my kind of mine kind? Your every smile, would be a raindrop, falling from my horizon skyline, I’d shout it from the moontop, a thousand times I’d, call you universe, say my saviour guidelines, savour your […]


I’m past that stage, last that rage, had me trapped, in a cage, for too long. So fast for that age, that page burns maimed, ripped it out, for an unheard, song. Tamed under, an underhanded wrong, as if the wrist of fate. Was too fucking strong, sinking with the current, thinking I didn’t belong. […]


I’ll wake up, in the middle of the night, to find you lying beside me, eyes deep, in the lightest sleep, I’d plant kisses, underneath the sheets, every secret release, your body keeps, so you could see, how much I appreciate, the only love, which knows me. the only love, which holds me. the only […]


If I say it out loud will you speak my darling, If I say it out loud will you speak? I’m not just here for show my darling, I’ll be your strength when you’re feeling weak. I’ll fold you in to my heart my darling In my love, won’t you believe? I’m holding you in […]