You look familiar, My rekindled flame, Smiling eyes appear, Spirits the same. Wandering heart, You’re everything you claim, A work of art, In God’s name.

king and crown

fingertips to your pulse healing hands sheltering shading shuttering you from their radar waves too pure a man to be trapped by their demon trait ways too late for them to make you stay demonstrate you’re straight your words stick like razor blades shotgun click bait trigger happy shifting blame don’t let them pressure your […]

smoke signals

sometimes i wonder if i am a flash of lightning, you must be a bolt of thunder, under lock and key keeping me safely away from being tainted, stained, drained. Or is it something i dreamed? Memories pass age like autumn rain, you must be the passage, inadvertently forsaken an alter ego for each facing […]


The melody. It shifts: Released harmony. Between: Your hymns and our sheets. Life, is a rhythm. When: We coincide. We reap: The cypher we seek. Leaping from dreams: Healing my weak: Sealed double seams. I melt in your heat: Singing mellow keys: Swinging low, softly. My chariot you keep. Sugar kissing those lips. Just to […]


I speak in sermons sometimes he hears murmurs and a million kisses can’t fade his pain. Standing in the same place again, and again. Radiating peace, but all he sees, is stained. Glazed. How do I reach him, through his armour plate maze? He’s a promise, to a fortunate wish we prayed one day. Imprinted […]

the first morning

let me praise you because you raised yourself right, set my soul on fire when you’re in plain sight, sail your spirit into the lightness of my night, every thought, prayer, dream, vision and sixth sight, is a wish for you when you’re in my arms locked tight.