You’re not her; transplant

it’s that transparent you’re blind calling it fake you stand there denying everything cat with the whiskers fuck your cake crying wolf in the field playing ladders and snakes innocence in nursery rhymes replaced to ground zero fade congealed pouring in vessels but it’s okay as long as you get laid am I not enough […]

stealing summer

You’re so generic. Egocentric. Fraternising with Miss Electric, under the cover of a dark storm. Your sunshine forms, she warms your skin, you let her close, she shelters your soul. In seconds, infinite caresses, absorbing her spirit you let her undress ya. Her energy favours you like you’ve always felt her, you melt up on […]


i don’t mean to scare you, sometimes you might have to let me sound it out, sometimes I’m invincible, and some times I’m overwhelmed with doubt, some days my mind bends sideways, the purest rush of light, and then some hours bring on insecurity, burn me out before the fight, it’s as dark a place […]

Letting Go

You think you’re all in when in fact you’re all out, let me close to your soul and then it’s all doubt, pernicious cycles of falling in love, and falling without, a safety house, matching sounds of cat and mouse, chasing tail then holding out, wondering whether messages the universe transmits holds any clout, I […]


I read phosphenes like a teller reads tea leaves, spinning inside eyelids, and motion daydreams. Colliding. Spilling atoms into third eye play schemes. A kaleidoscope. Rainbow footprints. Cloaks and daggers. Truth in spirit sittings. Hard to breathe, let alone swallow. Memories ever. Green. Blue skies are hollow. My eyes well. Thinking about seasides. Seashells. Ocean […]

the verdict

Hold up hold tight heyo ‘lo bright hold tight That gold heyo That soul don’t grow It flows heyo That light it fights Your life heyo Hold tight halo Be all right now, We’re starting out, home. Don’t let the stars, fool your intelligence trapping you in elegance, benevolent malevolence molesting severance, majestic prevalence, faked […]

I’m Moon

immune, to all the pain and discomfort, too far removed, to feel how you hate us, a suspended satellite, in permanent hiatus, observing, your soft touch, raising hard hearts, self-obsessed status: … the hurting you’re merking, how you dish out your dirt, in creasing the stakes, and the flakes that you mate with, the bait […]