i’d switch the moon for you in place of the sun in plain daylight trigger happy with unconditional love stars blazing in cyan skies you’re my horizon everything beyond closer to me than anyone before you has come you destroy all the demons take away all the numb a day feels as real as if […]


do we ascend or are we fated with unjust hands unlucky draws this time round pain staking soul searching in an attempt to be crowned fitting accepted social climbs chastity bought by rocks once hidden and undefined loyalty procured with diamonds stolen from unethical mines rather prescribe all kinds of love whispered syllables you can […]


our inferno burns our art a discernible fire visible from the start we say the same words arranged in different ways because we’re mirror reflections of our wounded hearts there are endless ways we can assemble waves without our seams falling apart double stitched trouble ditched even sun beams couldn’t tear us apart


held on for so long breaking souls up with the same song looking for sanctuary a place to belong somewhere right instead of wrong to live in truth to be strong to keep curves from harm warrior child you can not be extinguished you have a distinguished spirit and though you don’t know it you […]


you’re my lifeline at times when I feel my divine decline you’re my refinement defining me a sublime line siding with alignment not lying with confinement and where smiles are entrapments you’re my encouraging climate helping me climb caged walls of consignments you’re my deliverance from defiant tyrants your highness in private is a timeless […]

ring finger

Love? I am love like this shit doesn’t concern me all these idols you worship I curse all your foolery building your war ships divorcing your jewellery immortal debauchery I’m mortal I’ll save me but you’re tempting to attempt to take that away from me as if guilding me portals will fulfil the best of […]

vinyl cycles

No longer spending my light on you, I’m not fighting for you to gripe and cry when I hand you a lifeline I keep handing you lifelines how many lifetimes do you think I’ll let pass by annihilating every why and bye bye and by the by, I know your lies before you even look […]