Shooting stars, aimed at trusting hearts. A work of art, and there you are. An act of god, prophesised. A shining light, in the blinding dark. An ark full of arc. Your arching arms. Calm. but i’m too intense to think straight too much for me to believe fate tied too tight tears tear down […]

on road

Wait. Shake. For the hurt and shame. The dirt and fame. Hurting games. Wording lames. Furious blame. Bored of saying your name. Over and over, and over again. Another fifty words. For your ten in a day. More than you deserve. Does it hurt to kerb your flirt? Swallow turps. Take your turn. Watch you […]

past life

My heart is filled with darkness remembering shards of broken glass, picking up each splinter watching fingers bleed numb, because it’s done. My beacon. My angel. Plethora of prophecy saving me from demon arts, he handled the knife and pushed it slowly, twisting my broken arms. Alarmed. Shocked. Spitting out broken teeth and blood. You’re […]

Passing Presence

Yearning, for something perhaps beyond my reach, a heart to set free, protect, and safe keep. I’m filtering, not listening, to foolish unpracticed teachers preach. Your spirit creature; soul leeches, smokescreen features, pretending you’re my imprint. I beseech you, keep your distance. Please, just let me be. Perched on these, ragged, rugged, windy leaves, I […]

gypsy moon

You’re screaming from the ceiling, a ceaseless being, deeming me dream eternities, seeing meanings demeaned, your demeanour is a dark tea, bitter sweet, littered with glistening, crushing defeats, a long sleep, your beauty is kiss deep incomplete. Pitched in three feet, skin obsolete, you’re creeping in, visibly I feel your cold heat, I puncture the […]

About Time

Carving marks, into your arm, blood weeps from your skin, Showing her, you’re her world, without her, you are sin. Vandalising, napes with pretend fakes, like I’m stupid – You’re foolish. Tattoo your heart in, Arabic, on your clean flesh skin. Scarred for life, in octopus ink. Proofing your love, blinding her mind, because actions, […]