I felt trapped on this plane when you went. I wanted to burst free knowing this life wasn’t for me.  It wasn’t meant to be. If anything take my soul please. He kept yours, at a fee. I don’t have any recollection of that time. In reflection, I don’t even recall the concept of time. […]

periodic devils

so, the story begins with me inciting, random shyness, instead of faithing, and iterating, integrating, our addictive highs, our highness, you orb gold and don’t even know it, i love you so much I can’t even show it, i thought we were grown but clearly we wasn’t, couldn’t stay us or stay trusted couldn’t state […]


don’t propose to know me; while someone else is in your heart giving me feelings of something nothings; when we’re so far apart you feel what you feel; your story is yours it doesn’t allow you to put; my life on pause i shouldn’t give you such power; i should keep it for myself pledging […]

a free soul is rare

1st i wonder what happened to you and how you’re still breathing feeling heavy every time you decide to leave me clearly the heart spills held no meaning and as you hold me, you show me, a new way of leaning, i shut my eyes, inhale, you’re stealing another piece of me making up your […]

said to nothing

you claim, you want to be reigned, misguided aim, every time, i send my aid, it’s you who runs away. it’s draining, listening to this rain, after all of this pain, you leave me, and leave me, and leave me, claiming it’s still, love always. you find, ways for other stays other plays, same words, […]

fire burns

i hate us, screaming hiatus, you rub me the wrong way, a climb, mate, a summit state, primed rates, it’s too much, dimmed persistence, from your distant, malignant way. i’m suttin, you’ll never taste, wasting your kisses, kissing me the wrong way, sate me a climate, something primate, submitting innocence, pretending militant, tend to your […]

tears on my pillow

my eyes hurt from frowning, desecrating your crowning, jewels taken from me, you smile as i’m drowning, wondering how it got this far. you’re no longer who you are, each crossed star, mimics a future filled with a past, i am not the first, i’ll not be the last. all these broken bits, gleaming like […]