most merciful

turquoise eyes, guide my tears running down translucent cheeks, headaches everlasting: a feeling, in the pit of my stomach unsleeps. Helpless. Nothing can be done, it’s out, of our hands: every prayer is welcomed, that’s all we have now. Fixated by fate, for every unrhyming twist there’s a reason beyond doubt, it favours faith. Trusting, […]

the plot that god forgot

O Ummah, fatwa on sunnah when muslims can’t agree sufi, shia and sunni me, me, me, wahabi, salafi, hanafi, hanbali, maliki, shafii, barelvi, deobandi bektashi, chishti, mawlawi, nistari, musta’li, tayyibi, jafri, alawi, alevi, akbari, usuli, shaykhi: an eye for an eye, And the ones that don’t rhyme. I am the hymn of me I pray […]

forty veils

mindful fiqh strawberries, cream tea’d biscuit, dream see your feet, handful of schemes missed the – picture. negative, conjecture spectre when you lecture haunting my scene hunting my deen; subjunctive mood. hate goodbyes to a man on stranger tides.