These needles wait for no one, they cramp and pain. Another day of release, tomorrow refilled with the same. A slow push in one direction, our rear view hazed and filtered out. An increase in calamity, multiple rollercoasters of doubt. I’d swap coherent senses with you if we were allowed, removing all the tainted, all glowed up to astound.

Rainbows and spectrums, tinted our universes, morphing into monochromatic madness and high octave curses. It’s a blur, wondering how fate conspired to allow this to occur. Trying not to see the world half empty though, because our eyes are half full, a semi transparent fear, manufactured by magnetic pulls. It’s like a knot, stuck inside the pause of my lungs, words hang in the air, sung by a silent tongue. Letters cling to floating atoms, all the words that were wrong.

If I could get underneath your skin, I’d heal you in a day, encrusting your soul with diamonds with life once made from clay. Breath of god, holy smoke, it draws you always near, and in the space of a moment, there is no atmosphere. It takes all that I have, to fight my wandering mind, to hold you for a second, to miss you, for all the rest of time.

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