as if I haven’t seen it already

You’re no longer relevant. Fight to survive. Trying to scale heights. Just to stay alive. Licking eyes. Smoothing lines. Stepping out of line. Sending out lines. My lines. Nothing but honesty right. No lies. Listen while you cry. Hold you while you die. Souls align. Brought breath to. Gratitude. To all, except the few. Warrior words. Like they’ve never been heard.

Audible white knights. Like kites. Tossing in the wind. Lucifer and his tricks. Traps and reductives. A silent bee sting. Incentive to be destructive. Disguised as a serpent. A thousand times. For one second. Blind perspective. Belied merchant. Morse code. May as well have taken it by force. Ripped wings. Torn apart. And you sing. Forgiveness is a myth. On mirrors turned. You’d be the priest. No profit unturned.

Circumstance makes you indifferent. Poison ivy, live vines. Every one of your vibes is an enamelled crime. Clamoured dates. You eat with the Merciful from empty plates. Show no mercy state. You take from the beneficient, shot down with your gun. Pistol whipped. By the sword of my Prophet. You will taste the torment with the filter you have won. Connection is slow. Delusion the entire time. It’s a hard pill to swallow. When you’re already rotten inside.

ink is free, so...

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