while you wyle away
within another ether I can’t touch
bursting into flames
is the blame I can’t work
precious star seals
so when it affects us
it was meant to be real
as if it were me all along
like you never said you loved me cosign
priority of an unconditional love kind
I sit here losing my sanity
apparently it’s all in my mind see
my essence a malady scam
site under construction
destructive babe in a pram
clothed inside blankets for security
an addicted soul where rainbows sat
cloudy spirit guides blind
your tongued obscurity’s a rotten path
a connection lapsed towards infection
venomous spores spread through my chest with wrath
turning light hearts black as the night
home runs filled with fury
a never-ending story
paused on so many levels
ejecting a million apologies
your version of friendship
you said I was family
eye drops of fantasy
contouring fallacy
as if your secrets never met me
but you’re settled now and happy
I switch off the light

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