​I used to rose petal you with poetry
Peachy words filled with love and integrity
Pepper your edges with perfect pieces of personality
Originality, hallowed protection and civility;

Regardless of how much I selflessly give

I am an essence you no longer wish to receive;
A purity diluted with fluted belief
It revolves around you seeming to think
Intention is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

And that it makes it okay
To cancel your affection
Like we’ve been absent for the last;
Ninety nine million days

Anxiety. Tension.
You shun away my attention
Like it’s venom
Spilling from my soul to yours

The cracks start to show

Thought we were split, built,
from the same atomic mould,
Foolish. Because all that glitters,
is clearly not gold.

An aura filled with empty laws
Caught out by smoky small print claws,
Once brighter than a burning comet
Our shooting stars fall to earth in silence.

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