One Minute Monetary Man

You only love me when there’s nobody else to love
You only need me when there’s something you can get out of it love
You don’t get to tease me and think it’s OK to leave me love
You don’t get to choose placing an importance on me love.

I’m not secondary.
I’m further, aim higher.

Cross bow sanctity, your arrows lack desire.
I’m an education wasted on your too fragile dishonesty.

I’m an exclusive club and you’re on the verge of expiry.
A diversified purge from an apron string purse,
You’re a curse too much to bear for an angel to hurt.
Minding the buttons on your neatly ironed shirt,
Perfume and lipstick on a collar ribbed with dirt.

Today was payday and instead of open communication;

Defcon one are you there over.

Today was the day you were going to prove your integrity and worth
Instead you’ve proved your words are curtly
Wrapped up with your hands sinking in waistbands
Another birthday clown dressing up as a man.

Maximum readiness.

Today was the day you were going to show you would honour your verbal agreement,
Instead you close it with a metaphoric bereavement.

Nuclear war is imminent.

Today was the day you were going to change,
But all you’ve managed to do,
Is leave me shortchanged.

I’m sick to my stomach regarding your mistreatment of me.
An abuse of friendship fronting under love, trust and honesty.

A piece of paper you scrawl on me, and wastepaper me,
Should have seen the wasteman side of your personality.

I’m on the edge of sanity,
your tongue dipped in solidarity,
I’m at the periphery of an epiphany

Disappointed with disjointed sincerity
On your day of honorary charity,
You choose to bang out bullets,
For some warped kind of monogamy.

Zero substance. Cocked pistol. All eyes on the gun.
I used to be a martyr for peace,
but now I’m done.

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