shutting down

my eye twitches,
it’s always the left
and I wonder why
I’m the one that’s left
I give every ounce
of my heart
into matters with you
struggling to identify
my own virtues
shattered rules
flattered ruse
you say I’m pure
so did the same one
say before and before
and I wonder why
you lack the brevity to stay
brave hearts are
never in a million
it’s an area
with fifty more shades of grey,
our anatomy of love
is an anomaly
blessed to us
from an innocence
paved by star crested galaxies
used to be
an excessively arresting fallacy
representing as malady
I grant you your reprieve,
your forgiveness,
your repentance,
all I request
is gallantry, and your love
in abundant eloquence.

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