ring finger

Love? I am love
like this shit doesn’t concern me
all these idols you worship
I curse all your foolery
building your war ships
divorcing your jewellery

immortal debauchery
I’m mortal I’ll save me
but you’re tempting to attempt
to take that away from me
as if guilding me portals
will fulfil the best of me

your rippling pinnacles
don’t affect my fluidity,
I feel my insanity
I reel from your blasphemy
I’m real I shout
and it’s love that lasts for me

weighing me slaying me
acting like you’re saving me
I don’t even want you
no longer can you pain me
I’m the one craving me
a child of destiny

stoke my serenity
my mantra is melanin
modesty and honesty
I don’t see how you see life
as nothing but commodity
freedom I absorb

none of your mockery

ink is free, so...

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