vinyl cycles

No longer spending my light on you, I’m not fighting for you to gripe and cry when I hand you a lifeline I keep handing you lifelines how many lifetimes do you think I’ll let pass by annihilating every why and bye bye and by the by, I know your lies before you even look me in my I-eyes, I see your bullshit lullaby lie lines because I’m already watching over you from I’ve gotta stay high, all the time I, don’t even know why you try to pretend, or pretend to try, your energy’s what it’s like when the music fades out and the melody dies, I’m,

waiting for you to connect and all you do is reflect and when you’re at the edge of making ends at the periphery of making mends, when I’m about to commend and commit to your meant, when I’m on the verge of trusting a version of us I accept, you shoot blanks on the range and hide inside your tattered shell, access denied in every single time line, maybe my self worth isn’t loud enough because you keep invading my soul and my guides keep shouting about your gold, time’s getting old, you say you don’t want to hurt me but it’s all that you own,

subliminal voodoo, like I am not worthy of you, your love is like the worst type of hell and I’ll tell it, you watched at a distance each time I fell from it, from heaven from grace from god from moons from stars from interstellar galaxies above and a universe we belong to in i go I’m beyond what you know, in die go I wish I could go and you wouldn’t know for all that I know, you help build me up and partake in me falling apart you’re part and parcel, prosecutor and witness to it all, for you,

which face are you facing me with today which expression rules the session today the man I love or the boy who makes mistakes, the man I trust or the child who breaks, the man I faith or the adolescent that lusts, the man I crave, or the anxiety that keeps you leaving and running away,

you’re a heavy burden when you chain me in silence, fractured words under breath teeming with the wrong kind of violence, I give you freedom yet you cordon my love, I pardon your crimes yet you corner my soul, how can I possibly let myself suffer the deliberate absence of your energy anymore, how do you make someone you love feel so low when I elevate you without any disruptive flow,

you keep me waiting, wasting my time sedating my line and the worst of it is you won’t even refute it claiming that fusion is a confusion and you don’t know how to fix it, eyes wide open walking across land mines but there’s no way you can quit it, living in rhymes that don’t comply with the writes you cite me with, your sight is half visioned still, blind in the wrong kind of shine,

I’m one of a kind, deemed me Queen no less you said yourself you won’t find anyone like me anywhere else, these ill shivers freeze my spine, I don’t want your plasticine mind, a frigid environment to grow love, even your seeds decline to rise. Peak, your fractured nature, peek, your weak wings, that midnight run, you’ll never move, your love is as smooth as your broken record groove, proving I’ve given you too many chances instead of my duty few.

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