stealing summer

You’re so generic. Egocentric.
Fraternising with Miss Electric,
under the cover of a dark storm.

Your sunshine forms,
she warms your skin,
you let her close,
she shelters your soul.

In seconds,
infinite caresses,
absorbing her spirit you let her undress ya.

Her energy favours you like you’ve always felt her,
you melt up on her essence,
fresh like summer kisses,
vanilla scent in the wind.

Cinnamon breeze tasting cupped strawberries and cream,
scraping your knees,
tender hurt which never leaves,
and like autumn…

A rustic frown,
telling her she can’t come in,
not allowed.

Boarding a different ship about to set sail,
I’m someone else’s king now baby here hold my crown,
I’m no longer your sound, you’re no more my wow,
Hands her a broken oar to row ignoring her asking how.

Drowning in burst bubble droplets of butithoughtidbeenfound,
stake her heart impale her mind,
robbed of serene stability dagger yanked in from behind.

Cuts and stings mailed without thanks,
soul yaled to a railroad with no tracks and no time,
no such thing as having to be cruel to be kind,
Satan riding on his wings snacking on empty blessings.

Black emotions attacking, what, is this shouting?
shattered connections spoken in broken cords,
never mind daggers anymore.

He sliced me with a Luciferian sword,
pass me an anaesthetic this cock tale is flawed,
lucid dreams,
shots fired I’m floored.

Trigger twisted drawing blanks,
from memories I thought would ever last,
you shut me down, I’m spiralling down.

A secret past hidden from view,
How many times adieu,
starlight born from gods ago,
indigo particles from the same constellation float in both our souls.

Fight or flight getting bored of passaged rites,
you’re a sight for sore ocean eyes,
your silence contained all your lies.

You never did see me cry,
as you lay me down maintaining your bed of truth,
rubbing out stains while rubbing in her mouth, moving your boots,
oyster closing its shell on an imperfect pearl.

Falling to your weakness for toxic twirls,
addicted to amateur dramatic girls,
knowing it won’t last and yet destined you fake it through,

A superficial love, and the universe still binds me and you.
The snow falls,
from a barren sky and a closed heart,
even the flowers are dead.

Cutting the buds killing cause and effect,
lioness loses her roar but she screws nonetheless.
he breathes in her fragrance.

That secret place in his head.

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