smoke signals

sometimes i wonder
if i am a flash of lightning,
you must be a bolt of thunder,
under lock and key
keeping me safely
away from being tainted, stained, drained.

Or is it something i dreamed?
Memories pass age like autumn rain,
you must be the passage,
inadvertently forsaken
an alter ego for each
facing an altar beseeched
the rays are in my name.

And you have gods grace Jacob,
like a singing jay, my cub,
through all the pain you stay,
and you wonder whether to wash in,
or to escape,
fears fall by the wayside.

Hearts that move in silence,
are usually the ones to blame,
but Jana,
she makes all the difference,
reminding me paradise is ordained,
her angel carries us,
the rays are in your name.

A spinning cycle,
drowns out a spectrum,
photographs cascade,
the beating of flesh drums,
we’re not breaking down,

ink is free, so...

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