You’re always going to be behind a screen, glass I can’t penetrate regardless of whether or not I scream it doesn’t shatter it doesn’t matter you’re unfathomable like the wind, except you’re encased, encapsulated protected from poison stings.

Am I poison though is that the reason for this thing, is that why I’ll never see you ring, fighting fire within all this conspiring is making my head spin.

My skin crawls when it should be shining eyes lining walls falling in constricted wars consisting of, consistent to, introspective laws break me down, load our memories crowned with downfalls I just want peace is that so hard to believe?

A heart which aches, bleeds into tears filled with seas drowning in sand constructed from glass, I can’t scream,  screen or shield myself from you anymore, trapped in the aftermath, you are my perfect hourglass as I lay here, flawed.

ink is free, so...

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