I doubt myself for being so sure of you.

Your verse tells me everything, nothing appears to be new. A kind of deception, your love sees me nude and patience only matters, when coldness is due. Sanctifying the latter because the former’s uncouth, it’s a learning curve but it’s your straight curves I’m wanting to touch through. Barriers. Like I’m a carrier not a break through, like Imma break you but you can’t seem to see I was put here to save you.

Subtracting me at plus signs, I don’t even know anymore. A dying stance is nothing and you’re acting like I’m folklore, regardless of how I attempt, to make you feel my safe and secure, I’m a likeness to nothing like these who broke your heart before. It may have been a living hell but surely you know it’s heaven when I’m knocking at your door. Open your heart to nights at the circus, my soul purpose, is for us to ascend, and roar forth.

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