in tense and blessed. intense, and wrecked. our souls, they build and connect, and re-connect. leaving no fingerprints, I’m marked still, signed still, sealed, stamped, branded. I was made to love you, it wasn’t random

Speaking without preaching to my lone star, my angel art, taking a form in the shape of a martyr, master, we part, my here, his after, hereafter, gleaming facets of who he is, there’s a guiding light still, my heart’s still, mind’s still, soul’s still, his still, belonging to all of his still, songs sing to winds still, but he forgets my name. He forgets my name.

Demon precognition set it all out, I tried to do my best to see it fall out – but it fell with a different play. A jagged edge instead of a clean break. I’m laying here with his heart tattoo’d on my day, my heart, aches. He’s oblivious, obliviating us. Wondering why his universe, keeps taking him away. It’s work, they say. I know, I say. Return him to me, with simply more brave.

An existing resistance for missing significance, littering pitfalls mixed with illiterates, and my ill iterates, berating inward hate, a swift peace keeping effort and the reference escapes. Day walkers, soul stealers, don’t take his happy away. I’m with him in spirit, though limited and delayed. Our basis changes, re-arranges, faith challenges our status.

I see his face in my closed space, he fades in, out, like a cloudy moon, strewn ancient runes. Trying to make new room, an effortless love standing up in a ruined coup. We are separate until we might be resumed, we’re marooned again, to gain independence, appealing for clemency instead of forfeiting integrity; his words will sing and they will pay him dues. They will pay him dues.

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