periodic devils

with me
random shyness,
instead of faithing,
and iterating, integrating,
our addictive highs, our highness,
you orb gold and don’t even know it,
i love you so much I can’t even show it,
i thought we were grown but clearly we wasn’t,
couldn’t stay us or stay trusted couldn’t state us,
or state trust with substance a consistent constance up in flames,
potent poetry paints perfectly pained pictures in peppered perforated panes,
written scriptures illicit spirit predictions sprinted inscriptions mostly unfair,
impostors engaging in militant warfare, sincerities, apologies for breaking god and not trusting my soul,
allowing people around us, turning minds to non-political goals, foresight unfolding into a wrenching stealth,
feelings contained inside ego forcing my heart to rebel, embezzled by idiot opinions,
soap opera menus filled with bright lighted venues coerced into believing,
something i didn’t believe in when all there was, was believing in you,
perceived emotions on whims instead of spiritual healing it’s true,
my dark illness copped a line dealing mistakes & twisted errors,
truncating terrors, furious measures for curious treasures,
love is like an escapade and then it fades, laced with,
racy ways and tortoise shames stubborn shades,
raiding scathes, sighs and sways,
sights,maiming waves, clarity,
reigns, it rains too late,
a patient saint,
this is,

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