a free soul is rare

i wonder what happened to you
and how you’re still breathing
feeling heavy every time you decide to leave me
clearly the heart spills held no meaning
and as you hold me, you show me, a new way of leaning,
i shut my eyes, inhale, you’re stealing another piece of me
making up your mind, to stay or leave me be

used to make me high, now you feel me low,
fell my soul, where must i go
raid my soul, you were each drop of gold
now you watch me, inject me with cold
your icicles, i can’t melt them,
because you won’t let them go
and where there was sunshine,
there is only snow

your ignorance is anything but bliss
your silent tongue cuts my empty lips
when it was passion, in a single mouth kiss
your love is rationed, names on that endless list
priority missions and admissions of guilt
a wall of lies you callously built

i see you trembling, assembling an assembly
my real as you felt, and left me with melancholy
your right hand fills, all the blood spills
inking words in deciphered ills
wondering if you killed
deliberate and still

the dark lies
the light shines
oppressing my expression with your voiceless eyes
i’d sink my every line into your every piece of write
every word seamed into the very womb of life
yet you sit there, cutting my heart with a knife
scarring my insides

who will see my pain
and if i dared to explain
you’d only see the blame
as if it was me holding the blade

you are my he art
i breathe as i de part

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