said to nothing

you claim,
you want to be reigned,
misguided aim,
every time,
i send my aid,
it’s you who runs away.
it’s draining,
listening to this rain,
after all of this pain,
you leave me,
and leave me,
and leave me,
it’s still,

you find,
ways for other stays
other plays,
same words,
for other flames,
sparks dying,
in more ways,
it’s your way,
or the highway,
the same way
she gave,
i’m saying;
you don’t need me to say,
the same frames
promised you wouldn’t,

but you’ve already changed.
i guess,
check mate,
demon blaze,
can see
straight through
your shuttered gaits,
for being
fire bright,
to passive grey,
never begging;
you to stay,
you’re just another man,
same as the other strays.

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