tears on my pillow

my eyes hurt from frowning, desecrating your crowning, jewels taken from me, you smile as i’m drowning, wondering how it got this far. you’re no longer who you are, each crossed star, mimics a future filled with a past, i am not the first, i’ll not be the last. all these broken bits, gleaming like heaven in the dark, splinters spike and shatter, blood drawn from severed shards, needlepoint sharp but what does it matter? lost in the wind when i used to be free, every thought is discoloured, how can that be? my spirit is anxious filled with heavy, tears on my pillow you’re too blind to see. i can’t feel you here with me

every borderline sight is each of my dreams, illness invades my clarity my supreme being deceived, empty vessels grieve for something you’re not capable of achieving, i wish this feeling would leave. when all that there ever was, was all that has ever been. when it slips through my fingers to destroy the very part of me that only ever wanted peace. i decorate your nightmares with my love, is that not enough? an open heart, abrupt without trust. am i cursed? too many cuts to count, each one worse, and all of the time you don’t know. how much it hurts

it’s just, your mind sways, not really sure which way your soul plays, used to be sun rays, thought i’d learned to read clay, your stay. mistaken, another missed take, game over, forgotten, i lie here burned, you save your heart, i’m shot to pieces, falling from the sky, adjourned. as if victory would ever be aligned. as if i’d deserve anything so sweet. my shadows alight with dust, plagued with time, every tear drop that falls echoes your name in mine, motions collide with token highs. lost in a quiet die

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