A faded sensory maybe, trusting my faith. It’s passed that stage. He looks at me, my gaze melts away. I shuffle my eyes to the ground, unable to make any mortal kind of sound. The effects of a savage underground. Perhaps I’m just a number. No, a number. I take away the pain see, when he feels it’s taking gains. I’m a number he sets for relief. No, a number, easy as one, two, three. His digits dissect every skin cell. I’m not for sale. My position from the outside, looking in. Wondering if he’s keeping sanctity within. Truth bears, two hearts from one limb; I only miss you when I’m breathing. My eyes shade when I speak, it’s like prophecy. My dreams. The same scenery, energies shifting meaningfully. Her eyes smile, while he holds her, my piece of peace as they grin at me.

ink is free, so...

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