Shooting stars,
aimed at trusting hearts.

A work of art,
and there you are.

An act of god,

A shining light,
in the blinding dark.

An ark full of arc.
Your arching arms.


but i’m too intense to think straight too much for me to believe fate tied too tight tears tear down my face thought it was you all this time turns out you’re already cocooned black smoke missiles stream through my sky trying to sever connective ties as if to prevent our spirit from dying i’m lost when I thought at last i’d been found left to pick up the pieces from the cold ashy ground thorns prick my skin and stab out my cloud i don’t make a sound inside i’m screaming out every doubt was a wish now it’s thrown back into that cracked outer shell i retreat into my me-ness weak with fury in a blink my invisible is invincibility i smile at your frown and how you wrap me in your down protection crowned in a courtyard come ivory mountain mound mounting grids steeply lit streets we slip into the distance we walk through an entrance they nearly rip you to shreds i try to stand by you but i’m shuffled instead my strength leaves me sees me for dead scathing rage but only silence is said

4 thoughts on “rubble

  1. I liked S in part one. The one word middle “calm” was perfect! I hope your new adventure will get inside the S in part three and lock her away…I will look after the key :) ….. However, I did like how part three was written, shows potential is there for a happy ending!


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