Blurred Portals

Heartsickles melt into rainbow spectrum streams.  Seeing him with a halo is everything but real. It’s a dream. Autumn leaves.  Strength isn’t what it seems, or needs to be. What does it mean? His name in the wind calls to me sleep, semi lucid, I lie here wondering about the texture of his skin. I feel him without feeling him, reading lecture notes his cells hold, shining light from within, and all of the art, peppered arcs in darkened ink, carved into his archered heart and in his himness I sink, absorbing his sickness to heal him he blinks… the sun escapes his eyes and, the sky greys his island, my shimmer makes him shy and, his contours build this land of love and… Grant me this land, and that land, justice, compassion the will to understand and, I only want, this one land…

Once upon a fable,
we won’t let it phase us,
monsters are here to bewitch and outplay us
but reality is,
fully contagious,
it contains us,
and breaks us free.

Addictive personality,
two words for clarity,
blue red or purple,
it takes three to save me.

He’s my heartache,
my mind breaks,
keeps breaking for real,
deals me unwieldy open hand seals.

He’s in control, holy patrol,
had an unwitting angel set out
to steal my soul,
exalting wishes,
humble demands,
we take a stand and speak up,
how do we risk
losing the only plan that has ever helped us up?

A sculptured cupcake frozen in make, up.
We’d be made up,
if we stayed up,
recounting day dots. A lot.
Of what we want to say is,
organised chaos.

On so many levels,
multiple pedals.
Spirited devils bring us pain,
sing us to sleep,
with lullabies again.

Colouring veins with disheveled crayons,
waxing mayhem into so many layers.
A skinful of razors.
Signing names,
a new kind of amazement.

Intangible messages,
echo in retinas,
seeing through pretty
patterned agendas,
unravelling petty
pathetic vendettas:

temporal, ephemeral,
the sands of time.

Voices rise,
to a dense city inside us,
populating memories,
killed by rivals.

Collide with us.

5 thoughts on “Blurred Portals

  1. Such a deep mysterious poem that requires much contemplation. It begins like an introduction to a novel with use of highly descriptive language to paint the scene. This scene is very dreamlike and has a fairytale essence. The continuation mystifies with hints of a higher power antagonizing subtly. With the conflict not being resolved by the end, this causes the reader to read again looking for clues. A very interesting write and technique used.


    1. Dreamlike and fairytale was the objective, I was unsure I’d get that across properly, a scene that is ongoing, threads connect everyone in the same way dreams and life are intertwined, if we really look for it. Thank you again so much!


  2. I like the narrative style in part one…then the pace seems to ramp up when the poem starts. There are touches of reality in part two, everyday life imposing on the scene. The search to bring these two portals together goes on…. Very, very thought provoking & enjoyable!


    1. That has actually been life lately, a mixture of dreams and reality. It’s unnerving and grounding at the same time. Thank you for your comment, truly!


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