grayscale paper ripped into grated pieces after another vicious date raid applicating band aids to my bleeding veins in the pouring rain I dance in your passion and smile in your haze I’m fixing up as best I can without the intensity of your sun rays, heating up signal radiowaves across the far that is away, I see visions when I concentrate…

1. I voice my concern and protect you with an electric-blue blaze to reconnect you to a younger phase, a faith which roots you in optimistic space, fighting for the statistic in an event to prevent the court case because it was never just let’s pretend

2. I see your floating face peeping from behind a drawn curtain, your inner child wondering if you can continue hurting, contemplating you might be wrong, since you can’t be certain of what the sketch is but if you listen to it, your sixth sense etches out six letters

3. You’re kissing your trusted gaze whilst you’re playing each other in a contorted race, fussing over histories slicing each other with razor blades, torn relics that can’t be replaced or erased, working to ethics, heroics lost without a trace, trying to solve mysteries with mixed up dignity as relationships eclipse obligatory obituaries

4. You’re thinking patience will make you courageous except cimmerian spirits are slightly more contagious, and you accept this, but if you tolerate the hateful, you’ll fall into a frustrated agitation, heed our shaman status, shield yourself from the potential discrimination, trust the illumination

5. It’s easy to believe these deeds will bring you serenity but in the end they’ll never let you lead, will you ever leave, addicted to the drama you think you need, when it’s karma caressing and pressing and undressing your aching feet

6. I’m with you on your journey I know you feel me, but as it stands, I can only send you hope from my position on this sandy beach, waiting for you to wade out to sea I’m afraid we’re waylaid as we find our identity away from mediocrity, scared the water’s too deep but I’ve full faith we’d float on this breeze you’d feel it in your dreams if you’d just let yourself breathe

7. In the meantime, your anguish brings you a sincere lack of ease, you’re falling into a malignant contingency and it hurts me to feel you losing your precious self beneath a strategically planted fury

8. I’m imploring you wishing I could explore you; be vigilant, don’t lose links to who you used to be, what used to be your militant glee, you are that he, a placid-static-plastic insignificant is not part of your make-up if only I could make your self see, be at peace with who you must grow to be, your heart wasn’t marked for lost arts, your existence, is a shining smile in the dark, you were born, for deliverance follow the arc, and these harsh lines; stark vibes; harm strives; to deprive you with silence but your guide is my guide, we’re fighting the same side

9. Stay live, you’re not a simple silhouette but you don’t know the complexities of it yet, don’t be complacent your eyes are still part blind, you’re too kind to energies that suck you dry, your status is vacant, a comfortable canvas to play safe in

10. I feel you as my safety whereas you see me as a dangerous game and, a risk too great to take, but how many times can a free man willingly keep making the same mistakes?

11. You’re my skyline, my light shine, my horizon in the day time, even when my night shades, you’re my escape though you won’t let me claim you as mine yet until you find your perfect mind set, and I need your consent to progress otherwise there’ll be nothing left

12. You’re my freedom when my sanity sidesteps, slides or violently fades then, you’re my starry place, my angel grace, my release, my relief, my sanctity in every glittered glass pane, your contoured outlines shimmer into crystal paint

13. I could mend you, in a single embrace.

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