You burn and cut my heart, it peels, pains me like poison darts, steeled nightmares in the pitchest dark, a pit in my chest halved, a spirit scarred, you’re my bright shining star but your word tasting, your spitting’s jarred. Your thinking’s marred. I’m your soldier barred but I’ll always protect you, you’re my ward and darling, I’m your warrior guard.

Wanting you to return to me free… as you used to be. How we used to be. I can see it all, I wish you’d trust me. This jagged existence without you it’s not passing fast, it’s a resistance to our evolving parts, this sickness if you let it, will everlast.

You’re so close to my soul, and yet so far. I have no words since you left, sincerely, merely a raincloud bereft. Really, bows and bangles fall deaf unless. Relying on your truth, I’m waiting for you. Beautiful, blessed: come as you are.

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