[hot coffee mornings and evening cold tea sugar encrusted crystals slipping at cliff edges for relief]

Delving into our den, echoes full of care when, we were god sent, creatures under conditions of unconditional love, a safe haven guarding us against mysteries directed from… I doubt myself at times. Was I too tame, should I have been more, or less free? Thinking bits of nothing were poignantly deep, effortlessly pointless in a weird kind of defeat. Leaving behind ego, and these feelings demeaned, our self deletes desire and I wake up reprieved.

[bittersweet beaches impeach these spiritual decrees wishing for immediacy you tease me with themes]

You occupy a space in my heart filled with foreseen beliefs, off-centre sheltering engaged in precognitive heat, wrestling with a fire I can’t fight to keep, and though we fear less you accept, that I can’t help but feel how I feel, your sobriety brightens me, you’re brief and my eternity, seasons lean with divinitied schemes, you’re the sole reason in my dreams, butterflies flicker in our double helix stream, kissing through space in a real summer breeze, you give me peace from my disease, this grief is being released and you’re not here to hear me breathe, you’re closer to me than anyone I can see. My shield. I feel delirious, like was it even real?

[without realising your infinite affinity to me you are all my starry skies and I absorb every atom of pain from your heart to mine]

A gun without the safety described as reality bites, I’m wandering unfamiliar territory covered in bee stings at this height, nettles at my feet trying to settle our melodies right, set our vibrations alight, feeling energies align, and still, we have burdens and maladies to fight and all I can do, to soothe the cues is to trust all the words we used and fused, patience in ninety-nine pews, staring at our world through the rearview.

[envelop you in distant arms if ever your spirit cries I will find you ]

Your straight chaos raced away and I’m left to wait, wondering if it will be too late the day you choose to kick back and stay, reasons play, sate my ways save my grace, you’re my way without thinking, blinking, you’re gleaming, clean, a serene being, fate weaves me losing these precious leaves, your roots build into my skin like leathery sheaths.

I call you home, it feels like you’re everything I’ve ever known and need to know, and you don’t know, and I don’t know…we both know but too afraid to say so.

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