Soul to Soul


Friendship of misses.
Absent kisses.
Meaningless wishes.
Superficial, vested interests.
Bested images.
For your sanity,
or my escape?
I want your love,
not this pretend state.
Like it’s a mistake.
I sewed you up, now I ache.
My turn to break.
Be erased.


An unforeseen, trapped in a strait.
Undated, and inundated.
Words are my mixed tape,
to our formless shape.
A twenty-four hour date.
Debating bait sakes.
Shaman acres; shame and papers.
Rhymes listed for reading later.
Sacred maker, saviour, creator.
Don’t forget me, save your data.
Never bitter darling, you’re my heart,
It’s crushed, like death’s petals,
An orchid dust.

All wrapped up,
in an exhausting hush.

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