every palpitation, ink blot and spine tingle,
our spirits mingle, a ratio I can’t disclose,
my angels are with you, I’ll always be close,
messages, I’m listening out, filtering doubt,
and I can’t let you go, who knows,

broken boundaries for us both in due course,
right now, we ebb and we flow,
float and we grow, evolve and we dote,
love is my signature written in a thousand notes,
endlessly protecting your soul,

preoccupied, you’re my picture of gold,
and when these emotions destabilise
it won’t be your fault, if I fall,
you’re my crimson blush through it all,
my soldier fighting control,

blind sighted hearts stalling as she role calls,
fate has it figured, littered with missions:
lessons to be learned in shortfalls,
I surrender to your decision

and send you kisses in the rain,
shouting your name up to the sky in vain,
she daggers me incisions and you slice my veins:
I know how much you love her,
that’s the root cause of my pain.

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