twenty-six etched caresses


I squeeze you slowly, mostly, you hold me closely, tenderly, enveloping me, rare sense of clarity, security, miraculously, merciful transparency, ceasing apparentlies: rediscovery, hidden trajectories, smitten kitten abandoning treacherous residencies, enough already, no more calamity tragedies, you’re my double digit economy, my currency is equilibrium; love without dichotomy…


your tiger eyes shine diamond bright, my beacon light, shimmering blind, golden skin pressed against mine, your every sunrise grips my outlines tight, all upon a time silent sighs die, glimmering inside gliding finds, bone, flesh, wrapped round divine kinds, defined size, no dividing sides, decisive grinds, cubed tips, softly signed, smooth lips, rouge designs, blurred contours defined in only our minds, submissive incline repaid in kind, refined, refinding, rekindling life an olive kiss at a time.

ink is free, so...

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