Passing Presence

Yearning, for something perhaps beyond my reach, a heart to set free, protect, and safe keep. I’m filtering, not listening, to foolish unpracticed teachers preach. Your spirit creature; soul leeches, smokescreen features, pretending you’re my imprint. I beseech you, keep your distance. Please, just let me be. Perched on these, ragged, rugged, windy leaves, I watch a savage sea rock a bleeding beach. I throw caution to a sinking breeze, whispering wishes for endless sleep.

Darkness pulls me in, wrapping me in velvet lone, you come in and rush, I go out slowly on my own. I don’t know what keeps me here, cold cords like puppet strings. Working through sullied motions, unfolding broken stars the daybreak brings. Touching scars, I pause, inbetween faltered breathing, with your lies you try to reel me in; drown me in your seething; seal me in a room with sickly witching djinns. I’m refusing. Unravelling your fabled myths, I’m standing, fearless, over delivering.

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