gypsy moon

You’re screaming from the ceiling,
a ceaseless being,
deeming me dream eternities,
seeing meanings demeaned,
your demeanour is a dark tea,
bitter sweet,
littered with glistening,
crushing defeats,
a long sleep,
your beauty is kiss deep

Pitched in three feet,
skin obsolete,
you’re creeping in,
visibly I feel your cold heat,
I puncture the air with rasps, gasps,
breathing uneasy keys,
keeping me from keeling,
sealing demons,
stealing sermons,
this exorcise is capsizing,
as you try to take me.

I see your eyes,
lines of lies tracing,
tracking, broken time,
splits defined,
rewriting spells as scrolls,
as blank history finds,
every little fragment,
was a con sent,
a dying concept,
defying this space is shy,
you deny my rights,
my purity fights,
thinking, stuttering mutterings,
this little light of mine.

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